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How does App User Acquisition Work?

1 You define your goals and budget

Our team will work closely with you to understand your needs. Whether it’s new bookings, ROI or winning a new market, our technology will deliver towards that goal.

2 We identify people who will love your app

By analyzing the in-app behavior of your users and contextual signals, our technology will optimize the bidding process to reach people most interested in apps like yours.

3 Performance and insights with minimal effort

We automatically generate multiple ad variations and use machine learning to rotate them, keeping only the ones that drive more conversions. You get insights and transparency every step of the way.


The perfect blend of technology and human expertise, working as an extension of your growth team.

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Strategically Incremental
We can only scale in volume when we hit your business goals. We only succeed when we drive incremental revenue to your app.
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Creative Automation
Our platform will automatically create and test hundreds of ad variations, use interest or product feeds to maximize relevancy and report back on what’s working and what’s not.
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Fraud-Free and 100% Programmatic
Buying only programmatic traffic while optimizing towards ROI and real in-app conversions, our platform automatically cuts any fraudulent activity.
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SKAdNetwork Ready
Our comprehensive guide and team of experts will help you launch your SKAdNetwork campaign to continue growing post IDFA.
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Power Up: Combine Programmatic User Acquisition With App Retargeting

Retargeting users too early after the install may spook them; retarget them too late and that user may be lost forever. A comprehensive growth plan smartly combines user acquisition with retargeting triggered at exactly the right moment.

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