Broad expertise. Individual solutions.

Jampp meets the specific goals of every advertiser by combining the power of machine learning with a unique approach for every vertical.


50 million different products?
We can handle that.

Advertise your entire product catalog with our dynamic shopping solution, maximizing sales while providing a rich and engaging experience for your customers.

Include up-to-date product descriptions, images and pricing to help you drive sales or entice your shoppers with special offers.

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Customer booked a flight?
Now recommend the ideal hotel.

Automatically upsell complementary products to travelers with our advanced travel solution that increases average basket size, while saving your customers time, hassle and money with great recommendations.

Include last-minute discounts and special offers to shift surplus inventory and promote exclusive deals.

On-demand economy

Send reminders to re-order from that great little Italian place just around the corner.

For apps that offer on-demand services, such as food delivery, ride-sharing, and marketplaces, our platform offers granular location targeting to reach the right user at the right time.

Jampp let’s you retarget anyone who hasn’t yet made their first order in your app, activate users with different offers, and keep existing customers coming back on a more regular basis.

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Level-up your levels of engagement.

Maximize retention and bring players back into your game more often, by promoting specific level-based imagery, characters or weapons, reminding them of the current challenges that await.

Jampp can retarget users to improve your tutorial completion rate, activate first-time purchasers, or offer virtual currency promotions, to seasoned or noob players alike.