User-Based Retargeting for Apps

Re-engage your users for incremental revenue

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1 You define your engagement goals

Whether it’s bookings, first rides, or purchases, our technology automates segmentation and real-time bidding to achieve your goals.

2 We help your users reconnect with your app

Our technology analyzes your app's behavioral data and combines it with contextual signals to find the users that are most likely to react to your ads.

3 Automatically create and test hundreds of ads

We automatically generate multiple ad variations and use machine learning to rotate them, keeping only the ones that drive more conversions. You get insights and transparency every step of the way.

The fastest growing on-demand apps grow their revenue with Jampp

The perfect blend of technology and human expertise, working as an extension of your growth team

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Fraud Prevention

Optimizing towards ROI and real in-app conversions such as bookings and re-orders, our platform automatically cuts any fraudulent activity.

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Reduce Overall CPA

Outsmart your competitors with an adaptive bidding strategy that helps you reach key shoppers first. Predictive Bidding automatically allocates your spend to reduce wastage and minimize your CPA.

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Hyper Relevant Creatives

Our platform will automatically create and test hundreds of ad variations, use interest or product feeds to maximize relevancy and report back onshow you insights of what’s working and what’s not.

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Performance you can trust

Access performance metrics like impressions, CPA, ROAS and conversion rates for your key events to understand the full impact of your app retargeting campaigns.

Power Up: Combine App Retargeting With Programmatic User Acquisition

A comprehensive growth plan, smartly combines user acquisition with retargeting triggered at exactly the right moment.

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