Publisher Conversion Score

Evaluates publisher quality across every vertical, region and platform, continuously highlighting the most likely places to find your next customers.

Key Benefits

Adapts to the marketplace

Automatically updated daily with data from every app vertical and geo, across iOS and Android, to serve your specific advertising needs.

Leverage pre-tested publishers

Save the time and money it takes to test the thousands of apps available on RTB exchanges. We predict the optimal bidding price for each combination of publisher and campaign.

Speeds up optimization

Using live whitelists of top performing publishers, our platform finds new customers quicker and more cost-effectively.

How it works

Retention analysis at huge scale

Our platform collates and analyzes the retention rates of users from every publisher we ever advertise on.

Algorithmic ranking

Scoring is calculated using our proprietary indexing system which includes penalties for low volume, so we only favor publishers that deliver quality and scale.

Integrates results, instantly

Evaluation data is seamlessly integrated into our dashboard and used to optimize media buying, significantly reducing the CPA from the get-go.

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Finding time to test out new traffic sources is a huge, ongoing challenge. Jampp's technology has driven consistently strong results, while helping us free up time and valuable resources to put towards other areas of our marketing strategies. Maciej Sloma Mobile Marketing Manager

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Jampp's quality of traffic is at par with Facebook and continues to exceed my ROAS goals for DSPs. Warrick Godfrey Regional Director of Marketing

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Being able to retarget our users with customized ads based on their behavior has allowed our app to scale significantly. Not only are we receiving better click-through rates and engagement, but conversions from Dynamic Product Ads perform consistently well and set Jampp apart from the rest of the retargeting solutions we've worked with in the past. Marcus Letsch Senior Mobile Marketing Manager

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Having tested various partners within the industry, Jampp is synonymous with world-class performance, feature rich technology and an extraordinary level of technical support. Gabriel Di Bernardi Head of Marketing

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