App Retargeting

Generate incremental sales from people who already have your app by customizing bid and mobile ads for each individual user.

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How it works

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Collect and analyze billions of data points

Without any additional SDK integration, our platform collects data from your app, and begins grouping users together into audiences based on their real-time in-app activity.

Predict who are the most likely to buy

By learning patterns of behavior, our technology can predict whether people are likely to make a purchase in your app.

Decide the context, format and how much to pay for each ad in real-time

To show an ad we must win a split-second auction on a Real-Time Bidding (RTB) exchange. Our bidder ensures whatever you spend on auctions overall is less than what you earn from resulting consumer purchases.

Dynamic Product Ads

Customize every ad, automatically

Maximize sales with ads based on an individual’s last app visit. Did they search for an item? Add it to their basket? In milliseconds create an ad that’s 100% relevant to them, and bring them back to where they left off in the app.

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Product ads
Fraud Prevention

Minimize the threat of fraud

Automatically identify and block suspicious activity such as click bots, artificial installs and incentivized traffic.

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Looking good, dare we say it

Check your Cost Per Action (CPA) or Return On Investment (ROI) any time with our live dashboard, offering customizable reports, pivot tables and cohorts so you can see all the metrics that matter to you.

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Being able to retarget our users with customized ads based on their behavior has allowed our app to scale significantly. Not only are we receiving better click-through rates and engagement, but conversions from Dynamic Product Ads perform consistently well and set Jampp apart from the rest of the retargeting solutions we've worked with in the past. Marcus Letsch Senior Mobile Marketing Manager

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It's practically impossible for our creative team to create ads for every SKU and landing page that we have in our app. With Jampp's Dynamic Product Ads, we don't have to worry about stretching their resources too thin. Natália Dias Mobile Product Manager

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Initial performance results have been outstanding and working with the wonderful team at Jampp has been effortless. Their platform has allowed us to accelerate growth of our mobile sales and we plan to rely on them as part of our ongoing user acquisition and app retargeting efforts. Trang Vo Marketing Lead

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Jampp is a key partner for Trainline. Their understanding of our business needs along with the stand out technology and deep technical know-how they provide have helped us engage our customer base. It is a pleasure to work with such a dedicated account management team. Aurélie Genet Mobile Marketing Manager

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