Predictive Bidding

Outsmart your competitors with an adaptive bidding strategy that helps you reach key shoppers first.

Key Benefits

The power of machine learning

Our platform analyzes hundreds of variables and learns patterns of behavior from your existing customers to predict which users are likely to respond to retargeting.

Customize individual bids

Predictive Bidding correlates each bid to a user’s likelihood to purchase, so it knows when to bid aggressively on great potential customers, and when to pay a lot less for those inclined mostly to window shop.

More sales per audience

Predictive Bidding lets you outbid even your toughest rivals when trying to reach sought after customers, giving you the ability to drive additional sales from the same fixed audience.

Reduce overall CPA

Providing an unprecedented level of bidding granularity, Predictive Bidding automatically allocates your spend to reduce wastage and minimize your CPA.

Advertisers using Predictive Bidding have reduced CPAs by over 30%.

How it works

We analyze your users’ event data

Without any SDK integration, using data passed by your tracking partner, we decipher how and why users purchase in your app.

Testing... testing... one, two, three

We help ensure your deeplinks and tracking links are working correctly, so that we can take users seamlessly from ad click to the correct page in your app.

Our platform learns and adapts

Within 30 days our platform can begin making comprehensive predictions as to whether users are likely to purchase, and calculate precisely how much to bid for them.

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Jampp's quality of traffic is at par with Facebook and continues to exceed my ROAS goals for DSPs. Warrick Godfrey Regional Director of Marketing

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Being able to retarget our users with customized ads based on their behavior has allowed our app to scale significantly. Not only are we receiving better click-through rates and engagement, but conversions from Dynamic Product Ads perform consistently well and set Jampp apart from the rest of the retargeting solutions we've worked with in the past. Marcus Letsch Senior Mobile Marketing Manager

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Having tested various partners within the industry, Jampp is synonymous with world-class performance, feature rich technology and an extraordinary level of technical support. Gabriel Di Bernardi Head of Marketing

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