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Software Engineer using predictive models

You can't create cutting-edge
technology without awesome people.

Our team of world-class engineers has built a scalable platform - completely from the ground up using proprietary in-house tools - that process over 75 terabytes of data per day to make intelligent bids in real-time.

Using predictive models from billions of data points, our machine learning algorithms ensure the most relevant content appears in from of the right person at the right time, in the blick of an eye.

Team of world-class engineers
Diverse team of on demand specialists

Our Philosophy

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Commited to performance

We are passionate about growth and innovation. Our code is both art and beauty, architected for scalability and reusability. The thought of no unit and integration testing makes us sick.

Data Passion

We constantly analyzing data. We receive 300MB/s of data that must be analyzed constantly to discover patterns and opportunities to improve our algorithms and processes.

We solve complex problems

We never shy from a challenge. We live for them. Applying machine learning models to 500,00 auctions per seconds in 5ms, we know our solutions need to be efficient and scalable.

Learn then teach

Our business is always evolving and our team is crazy about following the latest trends. Equally passionate about learning and teaching, we actively participate in metups and educational initiatives.

Automation first

Our cloud infrastructure and software development processes are 100% automated. Laziness is welcome because it pushes us to reduce overall energy expenditure.

Visibility in Real-Time

Obaining visibility of systems with so many decisions happening so fast is a constant challenge. We design robust architectures to minimize the change and/or impact of downtime.

Come Grow With Us

We are a diverse team of people with backgrounds spanning Engineering to Economics, all dedicated to delivering sales and engagement to the world’s fastest growing app companies.

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Cutting edge technology with awesome people