Dynamic Product Ads

Automatically show your customers what they are most interested in, from your entire catalog of products.

Key Benefits

Hyper relevant

Maximize your chances of nudging a sale by showing products your users have already searched for, or better yet, added to their carts.

Limitless scale

Requiring only a simple integration wth your product feed, millions of ad variations can be served without any manual resource, adding a new dimension to your sales potential.


Dynamic Product Ads automatically reflect changes in your product feed, so whether you offer discounted pricing, run out of stock of some items, or add new products to your range, your ads stay up to date.

Evolves with customer journey

Dynamic Product Ads continuously adapt to show relevant products or recommendations to returning customers, creating the most engaging ad experiences possible.

We show ads that are 100% relevant based on each user’s previous activity in your app, including product searches or items left in their cart.

When an ad is clicked, the user is taken to a specific section in the app - such as a product page - to resume their journey.

Once a purchase is made, the ads are automatically turned off and complementary products can be shown instead.

Ads change dynamically based on the data we receive about each user’s app visit.

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It's practically impossible for our creative team to create ads for every SKU and landing page that we have in our app. With Jampp's Dynamic Product Ads, we don't have to worry about stretching their resources too thin. Natália Dias Mobile Product Manager

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Being able to retarget our users with customized ads based on their behavior has allowed our app to scale significantly. Not only are we receiving better click-through rates and engagement, but conversions from Dynamic Product Ads perform consistently well and set Jampp apart from the rest of the retargeting solutions we've worked with in the past. Marcus Letsch Senior Mobile Marketing Manager

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