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From first orders to reorders with 57% lower CPA

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  • Publisher: iFood
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  • Price: Free
  • Compatibility: iOS & Android

Any meal, anywhere, anytime

iFood is a leading food delivery app connecting hungry customers with the best restaurants.

About iFood

iFood is the number one food delivery app in Brazil, which is no small feat. Brazil is a market in and of itself; the country has a total of 5,570 municipalities, including over 200 cities with at least 100,000 residents, and an additional 1,409 cities with at least 10,000 residents.

Additionally, they launched iFood in Mexico, Colombia and Argentina, positioning themselves as leaders in Latin America (a region which has the 3rd largest delivery market in the world, behind China and the United States.)

Success Metrics


First Orders


Repeat Orders


Cost Per Action (CPA)


The Challenge

From First-Orders to Repeat Orders

The food vertical is particularly competitive. If you aren’t retargeting your users, somebody else is.

iFood’s original goal was to increase first orders, but being the number one food delivery app in Brazil, they quickly realized the potential of boosting re-orders.

The challenge was to keep users engaged, to keep them coming back to the app.


The Solution

Analyzing User Behavior

Jampp analyzed clusters of iFood users based on their behavior to look for correlations between what users do (for example: what type of food they order) and variables like:

  • Time of Day
  • Device characteristics
  • Apps where we find those users, etc.

Predicting Users' Likelihood of Conversion

Not all users are worth the same. We wanted to understand who iFood’s top customers are and what they have in common from a behavioral and contextual point of view.

With Predictive Bidding, we leveraged iFood’s user activity patterns and contextual data to adjust CPM bids for each user, maximizing the chance of winning the media auction whilst minimizing CPA (Cost Per Action).

Fast, flexible and brand-friendly, Jampp's Creatives Lab is a must-have tool for food delivery apps looking to keep their users engaged with updated offers.

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Keep it fresh

With Jampp’s Creatives Lab, iFood updated creatives every week, testing different design elements to glean key insights into what users responded to. This resulted in a 50% higher CTR (Click-Through Rate)

Keep it relevant

We complemented iFood’s popular promos with hyper relevant Dynamic Product Ads, to show users the dishes they showed interest in (either by searching or adding them to their cart)

Keep it fun

iFood’s video ads turned out to be a key format, at times representing up to 30% of the traffic. These creatives successfully reminded users of the app's value with fun, clearly branded clips.


Jampp Products Used

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App Retargeting


Predictive Bidding


Dynamic Product Ads

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Creatives Lab DCO

“We consider Jampp to be a key partner in our retargeting efforts. We’ve been leveraging features like Creatives Lab and Dynamic Product Ads to multiply our creatives and a/b testing capabilities, thus serving more relevant content to our customers and gleaning key insights without adding pressure to our team.”
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Cristina Sider
Marketing Coordinator at iFood

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