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Delivering Food to Millions

How embracing the increased insights and an experimental attitude made the switch to 100% Programmatic a success for Deliveroo.

At the Forefront of the Food Delivery App Race

Being able to order food with a mobile app appears to be the ultimate use case for smartphones, as location and ease of use are essential to the experience.

“Eating” is a pretty consistent (and regular) need for most humans and the lifestyles of most economically active adults are such that cooking at home has become the exception rather than the rule.

The combination of all these factors has created an unprecedented opportunity for food delivery apps to thrive but it has also resulted in an extremely competitive vertical.

Deliveroo, one of the leading contenders in the space has scaled rapidly. The company now works with over 30,000 riders and 20,000 restaurants to deliver delicious dishes in over 140 cities across 12 countries.

Success Metrics


Lower CPA after 4 months of User Acquisition


Growth in First Order Conversion Retargeting


Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS) in Re-Order Retargeting


The Challenge

Shift to 100% Programmatic

Deliveroo wanted to completely cut-off ad network inventory and focus on programmatic advertising for both acquiring new users and retargeting current ones, in order to get full transparency and control over ad spend.

  • Finding a comprehensive Programmatic Partner Programmatic campaigns require not only a technology platform but also deep knowledge on how to implement and optimize campaigns. Deliveroo needed a partner they could trust to test and refine buying and optimization in a performance context.
  • Achieving positive ROAS through the transition Finding the right KPIs to focus on, understanding the metrics would be different from previous ones and working together to make the transition work. Ultimately, this also required developing a new way of measuring success on campaigns.

The Solution

Initial Test Phase

The campaign started off with an exploration phase with full visibility on the tested channels. This allowed Jampp's Machine Learning Algorithms to identify the best inventory for the app, and to determine how, when and where to show ads to potential customers to drive key conversions.

Full Transparency and Agile Reporting

Throughout the campaign Jampp and Deliveroo worked closely to identify pain points and opportunities in each market. The additional data available from programmatic has facilitated highly targeted branding campaigns with the ability to report on details such as daily impressions per unique user.

ROI Optimization

Jampp’s expertize as a data-driven, performance marketing platform was evident in the deep analysis provided. A key element was the introduction of a new user segmentation strategy aimed at reducing possible cannibalization of organic conversions.


Jampp Products Used

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Predictive Bidding

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Key Results

  1. The ROAS stabilized at 559% on retargeting users to encourage repeat orders in the UK using predictive bidding technology (bidding higher on impressions served on devices that are more likely to convert).
  2. In addressing a common issue of Installers who never converted to a first order, first orders doubled after 3 months (first 4 weeks vs last 4 weeks) while CPA (defined as cost per first order) was reduced 2.5 times during that period thanks to Jampp’s platform.
  3. Even in the less mature market of Hong Kong, CPA was 4.3 times lower at the end of the 3 month trial period. In general, the campaigns have been consistently ROI-positive and Deliveroo now knows where their ads are appearing and how their investment is spent, allowing them to apply their internal knowledge more effectively.
“The experimental and data-driven approach of Jampp’s Programmatic Service matches our own approach and has proved pivotal in increasing our presence in both mature and emerging markets.”
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Patrick Van Der Steen

Regional Mobile Acquisition Manager, Deliveroo

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