Real technology that syndicates your mobile app around the world

We specialize in defining the specific inflection points for each stage of your user journey. A dedicated mobile campaign manager will ensure you receive more value from your acquired users with a sophisticated and customized engagement plan.

We make the app promotion process seamless

How it works

We are a demand side platform, we are not an ad network. We apply programmatic and big data technologies to conduct tracking, real-time optimization and mobile media buying at scale.

  • We gather and analyze billions of data points daily (including cost, user profile, ad impression context, in-app purchases) to improve our machine learning algorithms.
  • Our solution then decides where to allocate budget and how much to spend in milliseconds (thousands of times per second).
  • To adapt to the market conditions, we use deep data integrations, cohort analyses and maturity curves to offer an ever evolving intelligence and superior results for app marketers.

Superior Performance and ROI

  • 190,932
  • 1,517
  • $3.00

We measure across all mobile marketing channels from impressions to install to post-install events. Our data analysts conduct cohort analysis to observe user performance over days, weeks, and months, to discover trends and movements that are otherwise hidden.

+3 clicks
+18 Clicks
+$0.35 cost cpa
+3 Conversion
+$1059 cost
+$20.5 cost
+9 Clicks
+1 Click
+3 Conversion
+2 Conversion

Tremendous scale, made simple

We tap into a massive global in-app and mobile-optimized inventory by accessing over 160 billion mobile impressions every month.

  • We are connected directly to the world's leading mobile ad exchanges and publishers.
  • We aggregate and normalise campaign tracking and performance data across 200+ mobile ad networks, 10 RTB exchanges and 8 third party tracking platforms in just one single dashboard.
  • We analyse each channel in real-time and predict its performance.

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